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Do I need a Home Inspection?


Your Realtor shows you the perfect home, new hardwood floors, renovated kitchen, landscaped yard. So you tell the Realtor to submit an offer and if you have a good Realtor they will include "Subject to Home Inspection". This will buy you time to have the home inspected by a professional home inspector (usually within  5-10 days). If major problems show up you can try to renegotiate to include the repairs needed. Do not accepted past inspection reports for sellers because new issues may have arisen since. The cost of a home inspection typical is between $350 and $600.


Day of Inspection

The buyer should always be at the inspection to have a clear understanding of the inspection process. A good inspector will give you a detailed written report explaining the findings and recommendations.

        What does the Inspector check?


Foundation & Structure


Exterior walls & drainage

Attic & crawl spaces

Plumbing & Electrical

Fireplace & chimney

HVAC systems

Safety & fire hazards

Every home even brand new construction will have issues so remember if many of the items that require repair are minor it may be worth investing in that home.

Use the inspection report as a bargaining chip and ask the seller to repair or adjust the price. If the seller will not repair or reduce the price and you still want the home you may consider taking a FHA 203K loan to cover the cost of repairs & upgrades. Keep in mind that this type of loan comes at a higher interest rate.

Some times it is best to walk away and look for a home in better condition.




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Norbert Noe

Real Estate Broker

Norbert Noe

  Real Estate Broker